Thursday, September 13, 2007


After much frustration and lots of help from Ellen I finally entered the blog on to the Favorite Blog page in the Sandbox.

That finishes 23 Things for me!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


I just realized I was using the Maryland Libraries numbering system in my last two posts.

I'm familiar with YouTube courtesy of my grandchildren. The most recent video I viewed was men dancing on a treadmill-this was actually brought to my attention by our own Jim DeArmey.

Podcast experimentation was not possible because I was required to download ActiveX which I didn't want to do-although I tried and the computer froze so -so much for that.

I looked at Project Gutenberg. What's available is amazing. I hadn't looked at this site since it's early days. It could be very useful at the information desk when someone needs, for instance, the letters of Charles Darwin that are not available in our collection. Voila-there they are on Project Gutenberg.

Overall my goals for the program have been accomplished. I wanted to be familiar with the latest terms and formats and I've done that.
I found the directions for some of the exercises to be less than helpful to someone who needs very specific directions.
I see in looking at other's blogs that things like favorites and rss feeds have been linked to the blog page. I didn't do that. Was I supposed to?
This is an example of less than specific directions.
I still have to do the Sandbox exercise and I'd love to add an avatar but will need someone to guide me through these. I'll try to get them done before the program ends.

Week 18

I'm moving on having not done the Sandbox exercise. That will have to wait until I have someone who can work with me. I found the directions totally useless and not intuitive at all.

I looked at Google Doc and like the idea of online application. I think they can be huge timesavers and eliminate cutting and pasting.

Wikis Week-16

I looked at several wikis on the Discovery Exercise list. My conclusion is that, like blogs, they are a vehicle for people who need a place to show off what they know.
Seriously, the library wikis were typical library material in a different format, lists, assignments, best practices, etc.
The one useful wiki was the ALA New Orleans one where the person posted his conference schedule and other pertinent information for anyone who might be trying to locate him.
As for sites like Wikipedia-they have no credibility at all in my humble opinion since anyone can change or post anything. A recent example was reported in the mainstream media about wikis being used to alter information. A dangerous path.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I'm finding the constant creating of accounts and sign-ups very tiring and am feeling discouraged at this point as a result. Account creation overload is a problem.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Week 6

Added to my computer.

Explored Technorati. The thing that struck me when I looked at the most popular blogs was the use of the term "favorited." This colored my opinion of the entire site.
Looked at the Learning 2.0 blog entries and found lots.

Read :
Library 2.0 Theory: Web 2.0 and Its Implications for Libraries. by Maness
The paper defines the terms in the title and explores what they mean for libraries. It was obvious that the author's conclusions were based on academic library experience. While some of his conclusions may also be applied to public libraries I felt they were too narrow to be of interest to me.

Into a New World of Librarianship by Stephens.
This article was much more interesting to me. His principles can be used by public librarians. I'd love to see a BCPL discussion at some level about user content development.

Monday, August 13, 2007

catching up

Tried MERLIN again this morning. Still down if I'm trying the right site.

Checked library-related blogs. Basically thousands of them. Those I looked at were a waste of time. Either not updated for several years or nonense, i.e. Barbarian Librarian.
Finished assignments for Week5 and have begun Week 6. I've done the part and the icon sits on my tool bar. So far I have not found anything I'd want to tag.